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idRIDER App Features

idRIDER is a cutting-edge bike identification and registration system designed for bike owners, bike shops, law enforcement, non-profits, and community organizations. This system provides a comprehensive solution for managing, tracking, and recovering stolen bikes through its innovative anduser-friendly platform.


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Bike Registration

Bike Identification

Bike History

Roadside Assistance


Blockchain Technology

Neighborhood Watch

User to User Services


Bike Registration

idRIDER makes it easy for bike owners to register their bikes through a simple online process.

idRIDER maintains a Stolen Bike Database, which is connected to BikeIndex through a free API. This can be easily searched by law enforcement and bike shops to recover stolen bikes.

Bike ID and History

idRIDER assigns a unique Bike Identification Number for each registered bike, and free Integration with Law Enforcement makes it easier to recover and return stolen bikes.

idRIDER integrates with bike shops' POS systems, providing a comprehensive Bike History Report (Think CarFAX for bikes)


User to User Assistance

idRIDER provides a Roadside Assistance platform for bike shops and other users to respond quickly to their two-wheeled brothers and sisters in need.

Report conditions on our Neighborhood Watch for other users to view, promote safety and awareness in your community.


idRIDER uses blockchain technology to create an irrefutable record-keeping system, making fraud difficult.


Earn Money

idRIDER offers a User to User Rentals/Sales/Service platform for bike owners to make money without having to pay any fees.

idRIDER allows users to Become a Host to offer services like hosting, repairing, ride rentals, courier services, coaching, and tour guiding- nomiddleman fees for earning money!


idRIDER provides a platform for non-profits and community organizations to Fundraise for their organization while connecting with bike owners and law enforcement to prevent bike theft and recover stolen bikes.


Our Roadmap

Al Photo Recognition

  Theft insurance and in-network bike rental offering

  Long auction listing and spot offering system

  Social Karma Rewards Rating system integration

  Trail Pass Finder

  POS Integration for Bike Shops


Coming soon

Not just for bikes - any non government regulated item can be used on the platform, bikes, kayaks, snowboards, carrier equipment -- anything of value that you want to protect from being stolen.

idRIDER's Interface is designed to be easy to use for all users, including owners, shops, law enforcement, and non-profits.