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Welcome to idRIDER

Please remember that the idTAG enables full access to the idRIDER platform. You must Verify idTAG thru your account in the App!
  You will receive an e-mail with a direct digital link to access your idTAG for immediate verification.

We ship out all orders using USPS. Inside your package, there will be an instruction sheet that explains how to properly apply the idTAG.


Bonus Gift:

As a surprise for you, we've issued Founder's Reward points to be added to the account this idTAG is activated with. Be sure to share idRIDER with family and friends to earn more points.

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The idTAG is non-transferrable from one bike to another. Once the idTAG registration is activated, it is associated with that record forever. When you donate/sell your bike the idTAG goes with it!

Did you know?

In 2019, bicycles were second only to motor vehicles in number of thefts.