Bike Shops

idRIDER provides tools and training at no cost to bike shops.

Bike shops are a key component of the greater idRIDER network. These locations are the starting place for many bike owners, who will look to reputable and knowledgeable retailers for input and advice when they buy a bicycle. These are also the locations that many owners bring their bicycles when they need repair.

We invite bicycle shop owners to contact idRIDER to find out more about how the technology and program enable a successful collaboration between shops and their customers. It’s all about building relationships and bringing more value to your customers.

The idRIDER app brings immediate value to their bike ownership experience. We’ve made it easy for bike owners to upload their content and to register themselves as the owner of their bike. Bike shops can easily upload maintenance records to the system to document the service and maintenance done to a bicycle.

Bike shops will receive training on all components of idRIDER, and will also discover how the idTAG is a streamlined way to enable scanning of records to take place.

idRIDER will provide communications support for your shop, including flyers and posters, that will showcase the added value you offer to bicycle owners.

Bike shops are a key link in the chain to help identify stolen bicycles and return them to their rightful owners.


Nominate your local bike shop to become an authorized idRIDER retailer by sending us their contact information today!

The registration process was quick and easy to register my family’s bikes. Now I have peace of mind knowing if something happens to my bike, I have a much better chance of getting it back.

Every responsible bike owner should take a few moments to register their bike with idRIDER. I did.

For anyone who thinks it’s not worth the 3 minutes to register your bike – think again.

idRIDER helps ensure stolen bikes do not end up on the used bicycle black market – and instead stay with their rightful owner.

I was so thankful that my bike was able to be identified and returned to me. Without proper identification of my bike, there was not a chance I was going to get it back. I was lucky that idRIDER was so careful and took time to find the punched in serial number. I wouldn’t expect that level of care from just anyone. Having a way to identify my bike was crucial to its return, and I think having various ways to identify and get the word out about stolen bikes can help to get them back to their owners.

Did you know?

In 2019, bicycles were second only to motor vehicles in number of thefts.