Welcome and thank you for your interest in fundraising in partnership with idRIDER!

We crafted this toolkit with the simple goal of bringing communities together to raise funds & help us combat the growing issue of bike theft. Fundraising for causes that benefit our community is one of many ways we hope to engage more people in bike registration.

What is a Fundraising Toolkit?

A fundraising toolkit is an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to plan, execute, and promote your next fundraiser.

This fundraising toolkit has been designed to provide you with tools, resources, and examples from the idRIDER community to help you not only hit your fundraising goals, but to surpass them.

Use this toolkit as a foundation for your organization's fundraising goals in partnership with idRIDER. Add your own flare, make it unique to your specific campaign, or generalize it for a DIY campaign.

Who Is This Toolkit For?

Individuals, charities, community groups, and anyone else looking for a NEW way to fundraise.

About Our Toolkit

This fundraising toolkit is intended for:

  1. Those looking to partner with idRIDER using our idTAGS as fundraising tools.
  2. Organizations looking to collaborate with idRIDER in exchange for a spot on our checkout page.

In it you'll find several exciting tips and tricks to increase your fundraising efforts, including:

  • Introduction to the idTAG and what an idRIDER fundraising partnership looks like.
  • Tips on how to raise the big bucks using idTAGS.
  • Communication samples you can personalize and use to engage your supporters.
  • Steps on setting up an online (or eCommerce) store
  • ..and so much more!

Why Should You Partner with idRIDER?

Whether you're new to nonprofit fundraising or are a social fundraising master, this Fundraising Toolkit will help you raise funds for the cause nearest and dearest to your heart. We want your fundraising journey to be easy and fun, so this guide is designed to walk you through creating a successful supporter-powered fundraising campaign.

Partnering with idRIDER, and utilizing our idTAG as a fundraising tool OR being one of our featured charities at checkout, has multiple benefits. If you're looking to elevate your fundraising strategy and spread the word on preventing bike thefts, consider choosing idRIDER as your fundraising partner and together we can strengthen and expand our network of committed bike owners.

HOW Can You Partner with idRIDER?

Looking to partner with us but don't have the resources to sell merchandise? Read on to learn of other ways we can work together!

Partnering with a idRIDER can not only drive donations to your organization, it can also expose your nonprofit to future supporters and help you network and flourish. We want to be a part of that journey!

Every month our website features 3 charities on our checkout page that we support. To be featured as one of our charities, we ask fora collaborative relationship where idRIDER can:

  1. Have access to advertising opportunities at your organization's fundraising events.
  2. Be mentioned in your organization's internal marketing materials or special marketing campaigns.
  3. Be anamed sponsor at future events.

We want to make sure our collaboration is beneficial, harmonious, and productive for many years down the road.


Contact us at partners@idrider.com to learn more about becoming one of our featured charities and start receiving donations on our checkout page!


Get ready to raise some funds for a good cause!


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