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Rewards Program

Rewards earned throughout using the app process are
redeemable for service at participating bike shops.

Beyond purchase rewards, there are also user behavior
incentive rewards for you to earn.

Learn all the ways you can earn reward points.

Earn Reward Points

Spend Your Points

Earn Points

Review Us

Write a Review about the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Social Media

Share idRIDER content on Facebook, Twitter,
and Instagram.

Referral Program

Refer friends and family to the app.

Community Service

Participate in events and initiatives that promote cycling or environmental sustainability.

Sponsored Promotions

Bike shops and cycling businesses offer reward points to users for purchases.

Neighborhood Watch

Report on incidents like weather/road conditions to alert fellow riders.

Refer your bike shop

Nominate your favorite bike shop today and elevate their status as an authorized idRIDER  partner today!

Spend Your Points


Exclusive Discounts

Exchange your reward points for bike-related
products or services.


Charity Donations

You have the option to donate their reward points
to a charitable organization that promotes cycling
or sustainability

Reward program list

# Title Value
1 Theft Recovery/Bicycle Bounty (provide detailed recovery information, who recovered from, where, how, and current status of the bike) 50
2 idTAG Registration Worth 5 points
3 Posting in Neighborhood Watch Each heatmap upload is worth 0.1 points, max on earning 3 total points per day in this category. Points are to be removed if deleted by admin.
4 Wiki style correction Worth 0.05 points for each category corrected, with a max of 10 points per day