Common questions

In just a few easy steps and in less than three minutes, a user registers a bicycle as part of the powerful idRIDER system. This one-time registration remains valid for the bike’s useful life.

Be sure to use the app:

  • anytime you have maintenance completed on your bike
  • when you transfer ownership of your bike (buy or sell)
  • to report your bike as missing or stolen
  • when you move
  • when you are using your bike and its location changes (or, just be sure to remember the last location you placed you bike when you are away from home/its storage location)

The idTAG placement on the bike is not a requirement to use the idRIDER app. However, the code is required to utilize the full proprietary technology that backs idRIDER and to benefit from the robust idRIDER registration database.  Also, the idTAG when placed on the bike will act as a deterrent to potential thieves, as it signals that the bike is protected and registered within the idRIDER system.


***You don't HAVE TO buy an idTAG in order to use the app's other functionalities.
Without purchasing the idTAG users can upload rides and create basic photo documentation just like on Bike Index or Project 529. This is helpful for those who want to track rides or have some low-level security for their bike.
Another thing that can be done on the app even if you don't have an idTAG is that you can get ownership of a bought bike transferred to you. If you have your ID photo uploaded along with a selfie you can also transfer ownership of your bike to someone who bought it from you.
When you purchase the idTAG there is an extra level of registration that goes along with it which adds an extra level of security. This is for those who are serious about socially responsible bike ownership and those who want to keep their bike even more guarded against bike theft.

While there is no way to eliminate bike theft, idRIDER greatly enhances theft recovery measures.  Police believe half of all used bikes on the market are stolen, so idRIDER will help identify a stolen bike before it enters the market and will help deter bike thefts from taking place at all as the idREGISTRATION will indicate the bicycle is registered and trackable.

The only time that law enforcement can link owners back to their bikes is when they are registered into a large and powerful database such as idRIDER.

And, as used bike buyers and the so-called “chop shops” purchase unregistered stolen bikes, these bikes simply go back into the system without the knowledge of the original owners.

Registering a bicycle with a community is only effective in that small geographic area. But in many cases, stolen bicycles are taken far from the community where they were stolen to be resold into a different community altogether, so the stolen/missing report will not be on file in the extended area. 

We hope that communities will tap into the benefits of idRIDER and encourage all of their bicycle owners to register bikes both within the local community as well as within the larger idRIDER database.

idRIDER is highly effective because it requires photo evidence of both the bicycle and the legal owner of the bicycle, which becomes irrefutable proof of ownership. This goes “above and beyond” minimum requirements that are used by law enforcement to identify lost/stolen property. idRIDER also includes many stakeholders throughout the system to make it a true community effort to ensure bicycles are registered and protected.  As well, idRIDER is unique in that utilized blockchain technology – arguable the best technology available today.

idRIDER takes advantage of decentralized blockchain storage solutions and the latest encryption technology to ensure that a bike's record is 100% true and accurate for the duration of its lifetime. This technology also guarantees the accuracy of ownership. 

idRIDER creates a record and proof of ownership via irrefutable evidence (using blockchain technology’s verification of timestamps and photos). The system automatically verifies possession and loss, as well as streamlines a user's efforts to document post-theft activities and make all reports as required by local jurisdictions.

If a bike is lost or stolen, the owner should take two immediate steps:

  • to update the bicycle’s status to “missing/stolen” on the app.
  • file a report with the bike owner’s local jurisdiction

The idRIDER app uses API integration to automatically register/report the bike as missing with known national bike registries, to file a report with local police, and to notify proper entities that the bike is reported as missing/stolen.

Efforts to return the bike to its registered owner will then begin. Registration of the bike via the idRIDER network will help expedite this process.

idRIDER is truly for every bike owner, whatever the type or price of the owner’s bike. This is the easiest and most streamlined tool available, and the most secure technology available. With its photo requirements, idRIDER provides the most solid proof of ownership of any service in the market.

If you sell your bike, then use the idRIDER app to transfer ownership of the bike to the new owner and provide the new owner’s contact information.

idRIDER’s capabilities also include the ability to track and provide an accurate history of a bike and its maintenance record, which is very helpful for a used bike buyer. idRIDER is planning upgrades for the future to help bicycle sellers obtain the best value for a bike when it is sold and function as a valuation service by taking into account both the local economic supply of used bikes.

Local bike shops make use of idRIDER's record management system by incorporating and documenting a bike’s service maintenance record.  It also ensures that a bike shop does not accidentally purchase a stolen bike.

idRIDER uses standard data encryption so that no one has access to a user's personal information or identification documents. The user's home address is not registered nor revealed, and the user’s phone number is only used for mobile app verification.

Your personal information is not shared or sold without your permission.

While idRIDER is currently focused on the registration of bikes, there are additional device types that can be registered into our system. We will continue to roll out the system and technology to other devices. Stay tuned for future updates from idRIDER as we expand the concept in the future.

Check out our Community Roadmap with our planned upgrades here.

    • Leave immediately and call the police!  Purchasing stolen property will make you party to a crime in most jurisdictions, and disproving whether or not you knew property to be stolen can be challenging and expensive.
    • Make a video record of the sale transaction any time you are meeting with a stranger.  Even if the other user already has a ride registered with idRIDER.  Do not purchase ANY used property without requesting the photo identification of the seller, even if it is being sold at what appears to be their home.
    • These are all 'red flag' indicators of concern and you should NOT follow thru with the purchase, when a seller....
      • is not willing to disclose a safe meeting place within the first few lines of questioning
      • does not disclose what they paid for the item originally or have accurate history
      • avoids sharing a phone number to contact (especially when you are in transit to a meeting location)
      • fails to self-identify or becomes nervous when asked to do so
    • Never give out your social security number or credit card numbers for identification. Although we promote the sharing of photo IDs, your financial information is separate and unnecessary for proof of identity.  idRIDER does not retain credit card information for placing orders.

For a user, the use of AWS QLDB (Quantum Ledger Database) and Managed Blockchain Services means that idRIDER is using advanced, secure, and reliable technology to store and manage data related to their bike. QLDB is a fully managed ledger database that provides an immutable and transparent record of all changes made to data, ensuring that the data stored is always accurate and up-to-date.

The use of Managed Blockchain Services ensures that the data stored on the blockchain is tamper-proof, secure, and decentralized, making it almost impossible for hackers to steal or manipulate data. Users can be assured that their bike-related information is being stored in a highly secure and reliable manner, which enhances the overall security and trustworthiness of the idRIDER platform.

idRIDER is a mobile application designed to help bicycle owners track their bikes and protect them from theft. The app provides various features including photo recognition, neighborhood watch, and bike registration.
idRIDER helps protect your bike by allowing you to register your bike's unique serial number, which can be used by law enforcement to identify and recover stolen bikes. Additionally, the app includes features like neighborhood watch and photo recognition, which can help deter theft and increase the chances of recovery.
Photo recognition uses advanced computer vision technology to automatically identify the make, model, and other identifying features of a bike from a single photo. This can be helpful in identifying stolen bikes or verifying ownership in the event of a dispute.
idRIDER offers both free and premium versions of the app. The free version includes basic features like bike registration and neighborhood watch, while the premium version includes additional features like photo recognition.
If your bike is stolen, report the theft to the police immediately and provide them with the bike's serial number. You can also use the idRIDER app to report the theft and alert other members of the community through the neighborhood watch feature. Additionally, you can use the app's photo recognition feature to search for your bike online and increase the chances of recovery.

So, you know how some people like to ride bikes, and some people like to ride skateboards or scooters or rollerblades? Well, idRIDER is a system that helps people keep track of all their different types of rides.

So, instead of calling it a "bike" or a "bicycle", idRIDER just calls it a "ride". That way, it covers all types of transportation that people might want to use, whether it's a bike or something else.

For example, some people might have a ride that's a skateboard, and they want to keep track of it with idRIDER. Or maybe they have a ride that's an electric scooter or a unicycle or even a pogo stick!

Basically, idRIDER wants to make sure that no matter what kind of ride you have, you can use their system to keep track of it and make sure it stays safe and protected.

At idRIDER, we understand the importance of safeguarding your personal information and privacy. That's why we offer an optional photo ID verification process, similar to what you might experience when purchasing alcohol or other age-restricted products. By opting for verification, you can gain access to additional features such as the use of electronic service agreements for user-to-user transactions. Plus, you'll earn double reward points for verified account activity.

We take security seriously, and all uploaded documents are encrypted and securely stored. Our team carefully reviews and verifies all submitted IDs, so you can rest assured that your personal information is in good hands. We understand that sharing personal information can be a concern for some users, which is why we've implemented measures to protect your privacy and ensure your information is safe.

In addition, your verified account status helps protect you and other users from bad actors who may try to use the platform for fraudulent purposes. If you prefer not to upload a physical photo ID, you can still have access to these features by using a notarized form. This process offers a similar level of security and ensures that all users have access to the benefits of a verified account.

We want all of our users to feel comfortable and secure while using our platform. That's why we've created an optional verification process that puts you in control of your personal information. So if you want to maximize your reward earnings and unlock additional features, consider opting for our optional ID verification process. Your privacy and security are our top priority, and we're committed to providing a safe and trustworthy platform for all idRIDER users.

The registration process was quick and easy to register my family’s bikes. Now I have peace of mind knowing if something happens to my bike, I have a much better chance of getting it back.

Every responsible bike owner should take a few moments to register their bike with idRIDER. I did.

For anyone who thinks it’s not worth the 3 minutes to register your bike – think again.

idRIDER helps ensure stolen bikes do not end up on the used bicycle black market – and instead stay with their rightful owner.

I was so thankful that my bike was able to be identified and returned to me. Without proper identification of my bike, there was not a chance I was going to get it back. I was lucky that idRIDER was so careful and took time to find the punched in serial number. I wouldn’t expect that level of care from just anyone. Having a way to identify my bike was crucial to its return, and I think having various ways to identify and get the word out about stolen bikes can help to get them back to their owners.

Did you know?

In 2019, bicycles were second only to motor vehicles in number of thefts.