Giving Back

The idRIDER platform's growth is only sustainable when user communities begin to adopt and operate collectively.  Community-growth is rewarded directly to all levels of participation in the idRIDER platform.  We strongly encourage community feedback and participation to help direct resources appropriately.

Every dollar counts, here is how we are spending it.


Just like all human transport devices need human to operate, the idRIDER platform needs administrators to oversee and operate as well as provide customer support.  We are with you every step of the way!

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We intend to maintain a positive presence in the world of cycling and outdoor activities.  While idRIDER is a technical adoption at a community level, we need a strong marketing team to support our mission!

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Servers and databases are the nervous system and backbone that makes idRIDER tick.  We employ the best-in-class tools to offer the idRIDER platform at a fraction of the cost.

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Hand-in-hand with Tech & Maintenance, our data-keeping practices adhere to the strictest levels of security and backup.  

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Law enforcement is essential to theft recovery and idRIDER donates a percentage of each idTAG as both an assurance and a thank you to local law enforcement by the registrant's zip code automatically each quarter.  

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All-for-one and one-for-all.  Earn cool swag, a new ride, and many other bonuses to be announced Q2 2022.

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We are committed to giving back and will help facilitate sponsorships of young riders.  

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The registration process was quick and easy to register my family’s bikes. Now I have peace of mind knowing if something happens to my bike, I have a much better chance of getting it back.

Every responsible bike owner should take a few moments to register their bike with idRIDER. I did.

For anyone who thinks it’s not worth the 3 minutes to register your bike – think again.

idRIDER helps ensure stolen bikes do not end up on the used bicycle black market – and instead stay with their rightful owner.

I was so thankful that my bike was able to be identified and returned to me. Without proper identification of my bike, there was not a chance I was going to get it back. I was lucky that idRIDER was so careful and took time to find the punched in serial number. I wouldn’t expect that level of care from just anyone. Having a way to identify my bike was crucial to its return, and I think having various ways to identify and get the word out about stolen bikes can help to get them back to their owners.

Did you know?

In 2019, bicycles were second only to motor vehicles in number of thefts.