Neighborhood Watch

The idRIDER Neighborhood Watch feature is a powerful tool for creating safer communities. By reporting suspicious activity and incidents through the app, users can quickly and easily share information with law enforcement and other community members.

One of the unique aspects of the Neighborhood Watch feature is that it rewards users for credible reports. Each report earns reward points that can be redeemed at any authorized idRIDER partner. This incentivizes users to be vigilant and active in their communities, while also creating a sense of unity and collaboration.

By using the idRIDER Neighborhood Watch feature, users are taking an active role in keeping their communities safe. They can report incidents of bike theft, vandalism, or other suspicious activity, as well as road conditions, accidents, and other safety environmental concerns. The map quickly shares that information with others in their area who may choose to subscribe based on selected conditions. With this tool, communities can work together to prevent crime and create a safer environment for all.